Our Valued Partners

  • Aesku Diagnostics
    Founded in 2000, Aesku. Diagnostics is devoted to Autoimmunity. Aesku products are fully developed and manufactured in Germany and comply with the best practices and manufacturing standards.
  • Diesse
    Diesse Diagnostica , an Italian IVD manufacturing company, was founded in 1982.Throughout its thirty year history, DIESSE has focused its efforts on developing a solid position in the market of hematology and infectious disease test systems.
  • Diasource
    With 30 years of wide experience in IVD, DIAsource, is a Belgium based company, which develops, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostic products, related to the field of endocrinology and infectious diseases.

  • DST
    DST specializes in allergy and food intolerance diagnostics and in the production of high quality allergen extracts. Their point-of-care products and laboratory tests cater to every diagnostic laboratory and health care professional`s needs. They are specialized in producing more than 600 allergen extracts in-house which forms the basis for all the diagnostics needs.

  • Snibe

    Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Briefed as Snibe Co.,Ltd) was founded in December 1995.
  • Wantai
    Founded in the year 1991 with a small laboratory, Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy is one of the renowned and largest China based manufacturers of IVD test.
  • Immucheck
    Manufactured and marketed by Immunoshop, Immucheck brand is our next level endeavor to provide vast array of quality products. Immucheck brand is synonym for quality and service with final motto of customer satisfaction to the core.
  • Dynex
    Founded over 60 years ago, Dynex Technologies, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of fully-automated ELISA microplate workstations, laboratory instruments and associated consumables and accessories, seamlessly integrating advanced detection with fully-automated sample handling.