Automate ANA 25 multiquant with NEPTUNE

Neptune is a compact and innovative machine which processes the strips with ready-to-use reagents provided in individual cartridges

Neptune Quantification Software:
  • Allows an easy semi-quantitative or quantitative interpretation. It only requires a computer and the Neptune scanner.
  • Scanner provided is a flat-bed scanner dedicated to the interpretation of blot strips. The scanner contains an internal standard scale which allows the calibration of the scanner at any time.
  • The interpretation software contains a database that keeps record of all saved results (numeric values and scanned images). So, one specific result can be found via a multi-criteria search engine.
  • The software can import and export data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format from and to the Laboratory Information System (LIS). Final results can also be sent by e-mail (Outlook or Outlook Express), printed and saved on pdf format.

   Total Flexibility :
  • Classic Dot strips (DIASpot Neptune) can be mixed with Microarray strips (DIASpot MultiQUANT Neptune) in the same run
  • From 1 to 24 different strips can be run simultaneously
  • The moving arm moves from back to front and dives sequentially the strips in the wells of individual cartridges
   Traceability of the test :
  • Bar code system controls the right association strip/ reagent cartridge
  • No mismatch of reagents and tests
   No risk of contamination :
  • No pumps, no tubing and no liquid handling
  • No priming, no tedious washing or disinfection steps,

   No dead volume:
  • No extra volume of reagent to order
  • Allows small series or single tests to be run economically
  • Each cartridge contains the ready-to-use reagents for a strip (no extra reagents or consumables).
   All strips are loaded on the same moving arm:
  • Same incubation conditions for all the strips (no drift)
   Small Instrument:
  • Space saving instrument
  • Reduced cost and is user-friendly
  • Easy maintenance ( save on time)
  • No daily , weekly and monthly maintenance for lab technician
  • No maintenance contract means no additional cost
  • 24 strips in a single kit.
  • Fully automated on Neptune instrument- test is completed in 1 hour on the system.
  • Two levels of built in controls:
    • Positive control (C+)- for checking validity of the run ie. The sample has been added correctly and the test has functioned properly.
    • Cut off control (C-) - for interpretation of results ie. Any intensity for antigen ban lower or equal to cut off is considered negative and any intensity more than cut off is considered positive.
  • The results can be visually interpreted or semiquantified by Neptune software- The obtained intensity is expressed in Arbitrary Units (AU) on a scale from 0 (negative results) to 100 (1 – 100, results considered as positive)
Characteristics Figures
Weight 9,5 kg
Size 30x30x55cm
Number of kits different per run Up to 24
Number of samples per run Up to 24
Volume of sample 10µl
Running time 64 minutes

DiaSpot NEPTUNE Complete Product Range:

Sr. No. Description Product Code Antigens offered
1 DIASpot NeptuneANA12 IgG KAPDTANA12N Sm, RNP, Sm/RNP, SSA/Ro60kD, SSB (La), Jo-1, Scl-70, PM-Scl , Ku, CENP-A/B, PCNA and Ribosome P0
2 DIASpot Neptune APS IgG KAPDTAPSGN Cardiolipin/β2-GPI complex . β2-GPI
3 DIASpot Neptune ENA + Nucleosome IgG KAPDTNUENAN Nucleosome . Sm . Sm/RNP . SSA(R0) SSB(La) . Jo-1 . Scl-70
4 DIASpot Neptune ENA6 IgG KAPDTENAN Sm . Sm/RNP . SSA(R0) . SSB(La) . Jo-1 . Scl-70
5 DIASpot Neptune Polymyositis/ Seleroderma8 KAPDTPMS8N Jo-1 . PL-7 . PL-12 . SRP . Mi-2 . Ku . PM-Scl . ScL-70
Vasculitis and Goodpasture Syndrome
Gastro-Intestinal Diseases
1 DIASpot Neptune ASCA IgG + IgA KAPDTASCCN Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2 DIASpot Neptune Gastritis IgG KAPDTIFPCAN Intrinsic Factor . Parietal Cell (H+/K+ ATPase)
3 DIASpot Neptune Intrinsic Factor IgG KAPDTIFN Intrinsic Factor
Autoimmune Liver Diseases
1 DIASpot Neptune Liver10 IgG KAPDTLI10N M2/nPDC, M2/OGDC-E2, M2/BCO ADC-E2, M2/PDC-E2, gp210, sp100, LKM1, LC1, SLA and f-Actin

Complete automated ANA screening with 25 quantified antigens.