Significance of rapid testing for Leptospira

IgM positive Primary or current infection
IgM & IgG positive In the middle stage of infection
IgG positive For secondary infection or conferred asting immunity
IgM & IgG negative No Leptospirosis
  • MAT considered to be gold standard, is a complex test and interpretation of results is difficult_ Results are not evadable quickly
  • Rapid Testing has been found to be more sensitive than the MAT assays for early detection of acute phase Leptosplrosis. MAT-detectable antibodies usually do not develop More the end of the first week of ilrness. Diagnosis of leptospirosis by MAT often requires paired serum samples, which delays the diagnosis
  • Thus rapid diagnosis is important since sooner a diagnosis done, sooner the correct treatment can be started.
  • The mortality rate of severe Leplospirosis is 15% thus early diagnosis leading to appropriate antibiotic therapy is critical
Why Leptospirosis is a neglected and under reported disease?
  • The diagnosis is difficult to confirm
  • The symptoms like mild flu like illness to jaundice may be confused with other diseases like dengue fever, typhoid, viral hepatitis and other viral haemorrhagic diseases.
  • The disease may be mild and can not be investigated in the laboratory;
  • Laboratory tests available have low sensitivity during early phase of disease.
Causative agent : Leptospira interrogans
Mode of transmission:

Transmitted by direct or indirect exposure to infected urine of the reservoirs like rodents, cat, sheep, horses, buffaloes etc. Handling infected animal tissues and ingestion of contaminated food and water can also lead to transmission.

Diagnosis:Laboratory Criteria (WHO Recommended)

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