Epi-LED FL Fluorescence Illuminator

The innovative LED-based fluorescence
  • Economical LED concept is a much better solution for fluorescence excitation than traditional mercury or metal-halide lamp.
  • With an incredibly long lifespan of 10,000 hours, LEDs offer unrivaled durability, user-friendly operation experience, and safety for most of the applications.
  • No need to re-align the light source.
  • Convenient intensity adjustment.
Rapid switching
  • Simple switching between “FL” and “BF” allows BA310 Epi-LED FL to employ brightfield transmitted light techniques or fluorescence reflected light techniques freely according to requirements.
  • The versatility of BA310 Epi-LED FL in its fluorescence application is unrivaled. Its applications include tuberculosis inspection and conventional pathological investigation.
Auto ON/OFF mode
  • Under intelligent auto ON/OFF mode, the illumination light turns off automatically when the user leaves the microscope, and switches on when the user returns to the front of the instrument.
  • This function prevents slides from long time exposure from fluorescence excitation.

Versatility with replaceable LED module and filter cube for different applications*

The modular LED module can be easily changed according to the staining dye. BA310 Epi-LED FL is not only suited for TB inspection, but also other infectious diseases such as malaria and insomnia. Additionally, it is suitable for simple laboratory and routine application for fluorescence excitation such as FITC, DAPI staining.

* It is recommended that replacement of LED module should only be done by Motic authorized trained personnel.

Motic Microscope Specifications

Model BA310 Epi-LED FL
Optical System Color-Corrected Infinity Optical System
Eyepieces MN-WF 10x/20mm, N-WF 12.5x/18mm, N-WF15x/16mm
Special eyecups for fluorescence application
Observation Tube Siedentopf 30º inclined binocular tube
Siedentopf 30º inclined trinocular tube - light distribution 100:0/20:80
Siedentopf 30º inclined trinocular tube - light distribution 100:0/0:100
Viewing height 400mm
Interpupillary distance 50-75mm
Nosepiece Reversed Quintuple
Objectives EC Plan 10x NCG, WD=4.45mm
EC Plan 20x NCG, WD=1mm
EC Plan 40x NCG, WD=0.55mm
EC Plan 100x (Oil) NCG, WD=0.24mm
Stage Size:175x140mm; Movement range: 76x50mm
Coaxial movement with right-hand or left-hand operation
Condenser N.A. 0.9/1.25 Abbe condenser with slider slot
Focusable and centerable
Slider Light blocking slider for Fluorescence application
Focus Brass gears; 25mm stroke; 2um minimum increments
Torque adjustment for coarse; Stage lock
Illumination Built-in 3W LED Koehler illumination for transmitted light
Reflected-light fluorescence; Blue-light LED (455 nm) class 3B
Intelligent Auto On/Off mode
Area of stage 200mm x 275mm [WxD]

The innovative LED-based fluorescence concept achieves convenience, reliability and cost-efficiency