CHORUS- Your solution to autoimmunity and infectious disease testing

CHORUS is a multiparametric bench top analyser for autoimmunity and infectious testing. The instrument is uniquely positioned due to its menu and is a value addition to any lab. It is easier to use with optimal processing steps, with proven reliability and has the largest automated immunoassay menu available including more than 90 parameters on the single platform.

CHORUS- Features and benefits

  • No wastage of reagents
  • Each single device contains all the necessary reagents to run the test
  • Memorized master curve
  • Calibrators and Controls are part of the kit
  • Convenient packaging of 36 devices per kit
  • Multiparametric testing which enables to perform different tests at the same time
  • Has both manual entry and barcode reader facilities
  • LCD touch screen for better and easy working
  • The results are printed by the internal thermal printer
  • Chorus makes use of the identi-system bar-code labels
  • Chorus controls every single operation before and during the run, thus the possibility of an unreliable result is avoided
  • The chorus software makes continuous checks to detect possible failures

Autoimmune testing menu

ANA Screen dsDNA IgG dsDNA IgM U1-70
CenpB Jo-1 Anti-CCP RF-G
RF-M Cardiolipin IgG Cardiolipin IgM ß2 Glycoprotein IgG
ß2 Glycoprotein IgM Gliadin IgA Gliadin IgG tTg IgA
tTg IgG ASCA-A ASCA-G PR3 Sensitive
Insulin U1-70 RNP Intrinsic Factor Sn RNP-C
SM SS-A SS-B Scl 70

Infectious menu

EBV VCA IgG / IgM EBV EBNA IgG EBV EA IgG / IgM Toxoplasma IgG / IgM
Toxoplasma IgA Toxoplasma IgG Avidity Rubella IgG / IgM Rubella IgG Avidity
CMV IgG / IgM CMV IgG Avidity HSV 1+2 IgG / IgM HSV 1 IgG
HSV 2 IgG Helicobacter pylori IgG / IgA Mycoplasma pneumonia IgG / IgM/ IgA RSV IgG / IgA
Legionella IgG 1-6 / IgG 1 / IgM Influenza A IgG / IgA Influenza B IgG / IgA Adenovirus IgG / IgA
Chlamydophila pneumonia IgG/IgA/IgM Measles IgG / IgM Mumps IgG / IgM Varicella IgG / IgM
Treponema IgG / IgM Toscana IgG / IgM Bordetella pertussis Borrelia
Brucella Campylobacter jejuni Leptospira Mix Listeria monocytogens
Shigella flexneri Yersinia enterocolitica Polio Virus Mix Echo Virus P / N Mix
Q-Fever Parainfluenza Mix Coxsackie Virus A Mix Coxsackie Virus B Mix
Echinococcus Reovirus Lymphocytic chorio Meningitis

CHORUS has been accredited by CAP ( College of American Pathologists) and put up on their list of testing systems with ref no. 1911.